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About Me

Hi! My name is Bileni Teklu.

In August of 2020, I will start my 17th year of teaching. Fifteen of those years have been with Cobb County schools where I have taught students in grades 3rd – 5th.

I currently work as an Academic Coach working alongside teachers to support their instruction and increase student achievement. I am certified to teach students who are speakers of other languages (ESOL), Gifted students (GIFTED) and students with disabilities (SWD). I am also certified to teach students in grades 6-8 in the social sciences and K-12 in specific subject areas.

While literacy (reading, writing and phonics) is my passion, I believe that learning is about integrating all subjects to make meaning of a rapidly changing world. What is the most powerful thing we can do today? To learn so we can understand and to grow in our learning and understanding. Through the use of technology and programs like Read 180 and System 44, we can make the learning journey intentional and explore new opportunities to do well.

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